Demonstrating ROI and the LNG Business Case in a Volatile and Unpredictable Market

The ECA regulations continue to drive many decisions in the LNG market, but since they were adopted, the industry has also faced a vast amount of unpredictability. Recent oil price volatility has put added pressure and a question mark over the ROI in the short term, which makes it harder to build the business case, prove ROI and secure funding.

However, on the positive side the “chicken and the egg” scenario is in the process of being solved with operational infrastructure now available, with other major projects either underway or in the planning stages. Incentives are being developed by Ports and LNG suppliers to make the switch more attractive, resulting in an increase in orders for new LNG fueled vessels and conversion projects.

The industry is certainly moving forward, but the next step is to start accelerating this progress:

Now in its 5th year, the Annual LNG Bunkering Summit will unite global players from leading ports, LNG terminal operators, ship operators, ship owners, LNG suppliers, and LNG technology providers to develop strategic partnerships and common strategy to drive the LNG Bunkering market forward.

Those attending will spend 3 days hearing perspectives from the entire supply chain, offering their insights into their decision making, planning, development, operation, safety and training processes that have allowed them to successfully move forward in the LNG Bunkering market.

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2017 speakers include

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Agenda themes will include:


Regulations: Receive updates on regulatory developments across the globe, potential impacts and how to prepare appropriately


Decision making: Hear predictions, forecasts and future trends to help understand commercial viability and suitability for LNG now and into the future


Finance and funding: Discover alternative finance options and successful strategies to secure your investment


Port perspectives: Avoid project pitfalls through understanding common challenges global ports overcame from planning through to operation


Shipping perspectives: Review alternative methods of Marine Fuel and discover how major shipping companies approached their conversion and vessel options


LNG supply chain: Learn how EU ports are realizing their supply chain management process and associated LNG Infrastructure challenges


Operational challenges: Discuss potential challenges for machinery operation, risk management and safety


Workforce: Replicate proven concepts for training, developing, up-skilling and managing your future workforce

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