29 - 31 January, 2019 | Novotel Hotel, AMSTERDAM, Netherlands

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LNG Bunkering Agenda

Thanks for visiting! We’re currently in the midst of putting together the 2019 programme for LNG Bunkering.In the meantime, why not take a look at the agenda from earlier this year? It will give you a good insight into the key topics of discussion, and an overview of our expert ...

LNG Bunkering 2018 - Post Show Report

LNG Bunkering 2018 - Post Show Report

As the 2018 LNG Bunkering Summit has drawn to a close, we wanted to share some of the key highlights from this year’s event. This report summarizes key takeaways, shares exclusive content pieces, and includes a snapshot of what’s to come at next year’s event.Don’t like filling out forms? Drop...

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LNG Bunkering Infographic - A Positive Story from the Oil Depression

The protracted oil price depression has seen the contraction and retrogression of many fuel-dependent markets in the past 24 months. Bunkering with liquefied natural gas (LNG) has been one of those areas affected, by the drop in the conventional fuel for the maritime industry. In thi ...

TRANSCRIPT: LNG Conversion - "Do Your Homework, Play The Fundamentals Of The Game"

Why should you convert your marine fleet to LNG, and is it even feasible for LNG bunkering to exist in North America without the shale boom? Find out here in this exclusive interview with Peter Keller, Executive Vice President of Tote Inc.

[EBOOK] Five Game-changing LNG Bunkering Projects

Despite the high demand for LNG as a marine fuel, the infrastructure necessary for LNG-powered vessels to refuel is currently limited, but expanding. This eBook looks at five of the world’s most exciting emerging LNG bunkering projects in ports that handle a combined total of nearly 74 million tw ...

Funding, Regulating, Bunkering - The Struggles Behind Europe's First Dual Fuel Barge

In this exclusive interview, Tim Haidar speaks with Ed de Jong, Business Development at G.C.M. Deen Shipping about the challenges involved with converting your fleet to LNG and their pioneering LNG bunker barge, the Argonon.

Sample LNG Attendee List

Take a look at the sample attendee list for the LNG Bunkering Summit!

Global LNG Bunkering Survey Results: Promoting LNG as the Fuel of the Future

Ahead of the LNG Bunkering Summit, we surveyed over 500 specialists involved in the LNG Bunkering supply chain to gain a deeper understanding of how the sector is continuing to move forward in challenging market conditions; as well as future opportunities and trends in the coming years.

Optimising Operations and Increasing Capabilities

Oil & Gas IQ spoke exclusively with Cees Boon, Sector Coordinator Harbour Master Policy Department, Port of Rotterdam and Stefaan Adriaens, Commercial Manager, Gate Terminal about the current challenges and opportunities relating to the new LNG bunkering terminal and their thoughts on the future ...

The Future of the Shipping Sector: An Overview of the LNG Bunkering Market

LNG consistently outperforms traditional maritime fuels on a local emissions basis and in greenhouse gas performance. Ahead of the LNG Bunkering Summit, Oil & Gas IQ spoke exclusively to Steve Esau, General Manager, SEA\LNG to gain an overview of the curre ...

SEA\LNG launches Bunker Navigator Tool

LNG IndustrySEA\LNG has launched a free online tool to improve understanding of the current, and rapidly evolving, LNG bunkering infrastructure landscape.Launched from the 6th LNG Bunkering Summit, which took place in Amsterdam, the new Bunker Navigator Too ...

SEA\LNG launches LNG bunker navigator tool

American Journal of TransportationNew tool provides evolving overview of the rapid development of LNG bunkering infrastructure.AMSTERDAM, LONDON - SEA\LNG, the multi-sector industry coalition aiming to accelerate the widespread adoption of liquefied natural g ...

SEA\LNG Rolls Out LNG Bunkering Navigator Tool

Marine LinkA new free-to-access online tool aims to improve understanding of the current, and rapidly evolving, bunkering infrastructure landscape for liquefied natural gas (LNG).Launched by industry coalition SEA\LNG from the sixth LNG Bunkering Summit cur ...