Day 1

07:30 - 08:00 Registration and Networking Coffee

08:00 - 08:10 Chairman’s Opening Remarks

8:05 - 8:40 Port of Rotterdam Case Study: Port Completions, Finance, Incentives and Future Developments

Ankie Janssen, Senior Business Developer; Energy & Process Industry, Port of Rotterdam

· Port of Rotterdam LNG projects past and present: Quick recap

· Opening of the new LNG Terminal

· Overview and assessment of the first vessels to bunker at the port

· Improving viability through incentive programmes

· Financial instruments developed for the Inland Navigation Programme

Ankie Janssen

Senior Business Developer; Energy & Process Industry
Port of Rotterdam

8:40 - 9:15 Project Forward: Arista Shipping’s Leadership Role in Combatting Marine Emissions

Alexander Panagopulos, CEO, Arista Shipping
• Overview of the project: Understanding why the industry must adjust now and why LNG is the answer
• Meeting and exceeding new regulations
• Technical reliability: Reviewing the unique vessel design with a focus on LNG propulsion, range, engine room and cargo space
• Financial reliability: Operating costs, fuel costs and ROI

Alexander Panagopulos

Arista Shipping

9:10 - 9:30 Wartsila’s Design Methodology for Optimising Propulsion Efficiency

Frank Harteveld, Business Unit General Manager, Wartsila
· Optimising vessel efficiency through design

· Integrated automation systems and maintenance

· Dual fuel engine technology

· Retrofitting projects that reduce costs and risks, minimise downtime, and improve efficiencies

Frank Harteveld

Business Unit General Manager

9:30 - 10:00 Coffee and Networking

10:00 - 10:30 Key Opportunities and Factors Driving LNG Demand

Barbara van de Bergh, Head of Downstream LNG Business Development Europe, Shell

Barbara van de Bergh

Head of Downstream LNG Business Development Europe

10:30 - 11:00 Port of Amsterdam: Recent Progress and Future Strategy for Developing Bunkering Infrastructure

Didier De Beaumont, Project Leader Energy Cluster, Port of Amsterdam
• Realising the true value of developing bunkering infrastructure within in the port and region
• What role can the port play in Holland’s environmental drive and green initiatives?
• Linking LNG strategy with corporate social responsibility requirements
• Further use cases for LNG within the port (Further uses for LNG within the port
• Attracting parties to develop bunkering infrastructure

Didier De Beaumont

Project Leader Energy Cluster
Port of Amsterdam

11:15 - 23:50 Sea/LNG Overview: Accelerating the Adoption of LNG as Marine Fuel

Peter Keller, Executive VP, Tote & Chair, SEA/LNG, Tote
• Project overview: Drivers, partners and desired outcome
• Working closely and effectively with all key players in the value chain
• Ensuring a mutual understanding of the environmental and performance benefits of LNG as a marine fuel
• Developing LNG infrastructure in ports globally
• Addressing market barriers to help transform the use of LNG as a marine fuel globally

Peter Keller

Executive VP, Tote & Chair, SEA/LNG

11:50 - 0:15 The Lead of LNG Measurement and Solutions

Aart Pruysen, Approval Director Europe, Emerson
• Overview of the Skangas solution: Complete MID solution with recent master metering data
• Global standardisation on LNG: OIML R117-1 recent developments
• Reviewing the Consultancy Emerson approach
• Energy measurement: Emerson’s response to full compliance of the international standards

Aart Pruysen

Approval Director Europe

12:15 - 13:15 Lunch & Networking

13:15 - 13:50 Asian Market Outlook: Regional Drivers and Challenges for LNG Bunkering and LNG as a Marine Fuel

James Ashworth, Lead Consultant, TRI-ZEN
• What is driving growth in the region?
• Overview of regional developments current and planned: Singapore, South Korea, China
• Challenges currently facing the region: Oil price plunge, infrastructure, ship owner’s pay back perceptions
• How will the developments in Asia impact the market globally?
• Market predictions and forecasts: Where is the market headed?

James Ashworth

Lead Consultant
• Understanding industry expectations: What is needed from ports to move the industry forward?
• Reviewing the financial drivers behind LNG Bunkering: Assessing and managing any potential financial implications
• What are the current and future finance and funding options available to develop infrastructure?
• Feasibility assessment
• What measures can be taken to ensure infrastructure is developed swiftly
• Impacts of current and future procedures and proposed strategy moving forward

Ankie Janssen

Senior Business Developer; Energy & Process Industry
Port of Rotterdam

Didier De Beaumont

Project Leader Energy Cluster
Port of Amsterdam

Bob Sanguinetti

CEO and Captain of the Port
Gibraltar Port

Elena Fernández Ordás

LNG Project Manager, Commercial and Logistic Division

14:35 - 15:10 Gate Terminal Expansion Project: Berth Construction and Associated Infrastructure Development

• Overview of the ongoing works enabling LNG across the North Sea and Baltic Ports
• Current and future functionality of the terminal
• Design and construction of the 3rd berth: Challenges and solutions
• Future development opportunities and potential expansion options

15:10 - 15:25 New Product Development: LNG Transfer Solution with Emergency Release System and PERC

Johan Lilliesköld, Business Development LNG, MannTek
  • Gasum’s LNG Terminal in Pori, Finland and MannTek’s role in the project
  • Manufacture and production of the LNG transfer system with a focus on the drift away and PERC system
  • Case study of a ship-to-ship vessel project: Technical specifications, functionality and installation

Johan Lilliesköld

Business Development LNG

15:30 - 16:00 Afternoon Coffee & Networking

16:00 - 16:35 Container Ships Dual Fuelled Vessels: Pioneering Eco-friendly Shipping

Pekka Jarnefelt, Fleet Manager, Containerships
• Understanding the strategic decision to shift towards LNG: Regulatory changes and staying ahead of the curve
• Building the business case: Projected costs, ROI, customer expectations and social responsibility
• Innovation and flexibility with the design
• Conversion opportunities: Costs, requirements and simplicity

Pekka Jarnefelt

Fleet Manager

16:35 - 17:10 Distribution and Delivery: Driving Competiveness for LNG as a Marine Fuel

Roger Göthberg, Business Development Manager, LNG, Marine, Skangas
• Reviewing historical data: What does it mean and how has it impacted the LNG Bunkering industry?
• Forecasts: What shift is expected in LNG prices in the immediate, medium and long term?
• How will oil prices change and how can industry manage the subsequent impacts appropriately?
• Potential solutions for driving competitiveness for LNG as a marine fuel
• Driving down distribution costs of LNG

Roger Göthberg

Business Development Manager, LNG, Marine

17:10 - 17:45 Port of Barcelona: Promoting LNG as an Alternative to Conventional Fuels

Jordi Vila, Port Operations and Planning, Port of Barcelona
· LNG supply infrastructure and future development plans · Benefits to the Port of Barcelona: Improved air quality for the environment and the city
· Improving the supply chain to convert the port into an LNG distribution hub in the Mediterranean

Jordi Vila

Port Operations and Planning
Port of Barcelona

17:45 - 18:25 European Commission Funding: Motorways of the Seas (MOS): Availability of Funding Options for Ports and Ship Owners in Europe

Mihaela Marcu, Project Officer, European Commission
• The role of the agency
• Recap on legacy programmes and current LNG projects being funded
• Future funding options and current availability for ports and ship owners in Europe
• Best practice guidelines for the adoption of LNG in ports

Mihaela Marcu

Project Officer
European Commission

18:25 - 18:30 Close of Day One: Chairperson's Closing Remarks

18:30 - 19:00 Drinks Reception

19:00 - 22:00 Dinner Cruise

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